Electric green: teaming up to drive sustainable business practices

Auckland City Electric Vehicles is leading the charge to bring zero emission vehicles to New Zealanders – they’re also focused on incorporating sustainable practices into ACEV’s own operations. When ACEV helped our business development team to select an electric vehicle last year, both businesses saw the opportunity to team up again to drive greener gifting to ACEV’s customers and suppliers.
11 March 2020
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New study confirms caring for a plant at work decreases stress

Here’s a fun and achievable work goal for 2020 that could deliver significant benefits for you and your team: put a plant on each desk and task your team with their care. A new study confirms the very real mood and health benefits gained by those who keep plants at work. Less stress and a beautiful plant? Yes please!
14 January 2020
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Why BCITO is choosing greener gifts

BCITO is laying the foundation for green gifting! Sustainability is a big part of the reason they’re choosing to send Give & Grow plants. Find out more about what they have to say about giving (and receiving) plants.
16 December 2019
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Get Christmas gifting all wrapped up (in less than an hour)!

The Christmas countdown is on! If you’ve got an office of gifts to organise (from clients to colleagues and more) take a look at our Give & Grow range. Give & Grow plants make sustainable, beautiful presents with more than a little wow factor. And… with online ordering, and offline bulk and bespoke options, you can have your long list of office gifts all selected and paid for in under an hour!
6 November 2019
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How office plants can help reduce workplace stress

Green, leafy office plants could help you keep calm when the pressure is on at work. Research shows that when we interact with plants in our indoor environments, it can reduce stress. Read more and find out what plants are the most beneficial (and beautiful) when it comes to creating a calm oasis of green in the desert of office deadlines.
23 September 2019
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Plants: the right candidate for Consult Recruitment’s client gifts

The team at Consult Recruitment loves plants. Their Britomart office interior is filled with lush greenery visitors often admire. When the team heard about Give & Grow’s indoor plant gift range and delivery service, they were excited. They’d tried sending plants as client and placement gifts before, but packaging and couriering had always been difficult to manage. Give & Grow solved these problems – making sustainable plant gifts easy.
3 September 2019
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Could indoor plants help your office fight winter’s nasties?

In the depths of winter, it’s hard to avoid coughs, colds and other bugs. The good news is that studies show that if your team works in an environment with plenty of plants, you’re likely to fare better in the winter wellness stakes than teams who don’t.  
12 August 2019
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Plastic Free July: green gifts and other great ideas to reduce waste

Over the last weeks, people around the world have taken up the Plastic Free July challenge to lower their use of single-use plastics and reduce waste. While the month may be coming to its close, that doesn’t mean your efforts to behave more sustainably should. If July has passed your business by, here are four great ideas to get you started on the road to reducing waste in your workplace.

22 July 2019
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Greener gifting: sustainable alternatives your clients will love

Plastic packaging, wrapping and ribbon – the hallmarks of the traditional corporate gift – create a significant amount of waste. Business leaders who want to behave responsibly, but still want to show gratitude by sending gifts, have to find better, greener options.

Give & Grow, a new venture by Kings Plant Barn, specialises in eco-friendly corporate gifts. Its stylish indoor plants are a fantastic, responsible option – and they’re also beautiful gifts in their own right. Here’s why sustainability matters and why clients (and team members) love receiving Give & Grow plants.

9 July 2019
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Introducing a greener way to gift

Kiwi businesses now have a more sustainable gifting option following the launch of Give & Grow, a new venture by Kings Plant Barn which specialises in eco friendly corporate gifts. A premium service, Give & Grow offers a range of stylish, beautifully packaged indoor plant gifts, hand-picked by a team of gardening experts.
4 June 2019
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