Why BCITO is choosing greener gifts

Why BCITO is choosing greener gifts

Why BCITO is choosing greener gifts

The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) is laying the foundation for green gifting in its organisation – but it’s not just the ability to give a sustainable gift that grabbed BCITO’s attention. It’s also the fact that Give & Grow plants are gifts that recipients genuinely appreciate receiving.

BCITO is New Zealand’s largest provider of building and construction apprenticeships. It develops professional qualifications and sets standards for the industry.

BCITO People and Culture Coordinator, Lysa Foster-Brown, explains: “It’s great to be able to give a sustainable gift and everyone likes receiving a plant.

“Flowers are beautiful,” she says, “but they don’t last and when we give a gift, we aim to give something that will really be appreciated.”

Lysa says because plants last a long time, she puts additional thought into selection because she wants to make sure the gift is appropriate for the recipient’s taste, style and culture.

She adds that Give & Grow’s nationwide delivery has taken the stress out of sending gifts around the country.

“I was so impressed recently when Give & Grow got a plant to an isolated town for us. Being able to go directly to Give & Grow for each gift and have them organise delivery is fantastic.”

The purpose-built, recyclable packaging that Give & Grow plants arrive in has also struck a chord. Lysa says that the Give & Grow box gives her confidence that the gifts BCITO sends will arrive in excellent condition.

“If, for some reason, a plant had to stay on a front doorstep overnight, I’m confident it would survive,” she adds.

“Not only do plants last longer than flowers, we’ve also found that Give & Grow gifts are cost-effective. And the 10% corporate discount is a bonus.”

“We’re new to Give & Grow but we plan to continue sending Give & Grow plants. The feedback we’ve had from recipients is that they love receiving a living gift.”


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16 December 2019