New study confirms caring for a plant at work decreases stress

New study confirms caring for a plant at work decreases stress

Here’s an achievable goal for 2020: put a plant on your desk and look after it. Better yet, get your colleagues on board and task the whole team with the care of a small office jungle!

A new study has confirmed the very real mood and health benefits that can be gained by those who keep plants at work.

The study, carried out by researchers at Japan’s University of Hyogo, found significant decreases in stress and anxiety in employees who cared for a small plant at their desk. The researchers looked into the overall affect indoor plants have on mental health in an office environment and also found that caring for a plant at work reduced negative emotions. Plants were also found to relieve symptoms of overstimulation and attention fatigue, along with building increased cognitive function in employees who had them nearby.

Researchers conducted their study over a four-week period, monitoring 63 study participants across different offices before and after placing plants on their desks. At the end of the four weeks, the pulse rates of approximately 27% of participants were significantly lower than at the outset and most participants' anxiety scores were also reduced.

Just one more great reason to put a plant on your desk or to give one to a colleague!

Read The New Zealand Herald report on the study here

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14 January 2020