Plants: the right candidate for Consult Recruitment’s client gifts

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Plants: the right candidate for Consult Recruitment’s client gifts

The team at Consult Recruitment loves plants. Their Britomart office interior is filled with lush greenery visitors often admire. When the team heard about Give & Grow’s indoor plant gift range and delivery service, they were excited. They’d tried sending plants as client and placement gifts before, but packaging and couriering had always been difficult to manage. Give & Grow solved these problems – making sustainable plant gifts easy.

The Consult team specialises in recruiting for roles in finance and accounting, financial services, legal, sales and marketing and human resources. Consult CEO Angela Cameron says plant gifts are the perfect cultural fit for their down-to-earth, relationship focussed agency.


“Plants look great and add living greenery to the space they’re in, but it’s more than that. They bring wellness and mood benefits and they’re also a sustainable gift that keeps on growing and reminding our clients and placements of us.” 


Angela believes Give & Grow addresses a real need in the gift market. She points out that traditional gifts such as food and alcohol are often inappropriate in today’s corporate world, and while cut flowers are beautiful, they don’t last long.


For Angela and the Consult team, being able to give a more sustainable gift is crucial and the business is moving towards only supporting businesses that are sustainable. “Give & Grow is a great partner business for us,” Angela says.



When it comes to getting gifts onto the desks of Consult’s clients and recent placements, Angela says that Give & Grow has understood and removed the problems around gifting plants. “Plants are delicate, they need to be packaged and delivered so that they look as good when they arrive as they did when they left,” she explains. “Give & Grow have made it so easy.  The online ordering portal is great, and delivery is prompt.” 


Most importantly, Consult’s clients and placements have loved receiving Give & Grow plants.


“The feedback has been brilliant. People have told us how much they enjoy receiving our gifts and what a great reminder plants are of our team and the greenery in our own offices.


Our business is all about people. Some feedback that really struck me was from a candidate we placed into a role. She contacted us to say that the gift was particularly special because her mother had passed away a year before and the plant had been her mother’s favourite.


It drove home how good it can feel to receive a living gift and why plants really are the right thing for us to send,” Angela finishes.




3 September 2019