Plastic Free July: green gifts and other great ideas to reduce waste

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July: green gifts and other great ideas to reduce waste

Over the last weeks, people around the world have taken up the Plastic Free July challenge to lower their use of single-use plastics and reduce waste. While the month may be coming to its close, that doesn’t mean your efforts to behave more sustainably should. If July has passed your business by, here are four great ideas to get you started on the road to reducing waste in your workplace.


1. Give greener corporate gifts

If you’ve ever given or received a corporate gift, you’ll know that plastic in packaging, wrapping paper and ribbon can seem unavoidable. The good news is that Give & Grow by Kings Plant Barn specialises in sustainable corporate gifts. Our range of gorgeous indoor plants are delivered to recipients in a stylish cardboard box, which not only looks good but can be recycled or composted.

Plants make fantastic, sustainable gifts. They’re beautiful and studies show that there are health and wellness benefits for those working with plants nearby too. Plants are natural air purifiers and have even been shown to help reduce stress. And of course, because they’re living, organic matter, like the box they’re delivered in, they breakdown naturally.


2. Audit your workplace kitchen for single-use plastic

Straws and takeaway cups are two of the most-used, single-use plastic items according to the team at Plastic Free July. Take these out of your workplace kitchen. Remind team members to bring their own cups to the water cooler, stock your cupboards with ceramic cups and encourage people to use reusable cups for takeaway coffees.


3. Education station

If people in your organization aren’t sure about how to reduce waste, they won’t be able to help. If you have separate bins for recycling and composting, make sure there are clear signs showing people exactly what goes into them or set up a waste Q&A to understand what people don’t know. Then… address the gaps in people’s understanding with posters, face-to-face meetings, written internal communications or whatever method works best for your organisation.


4. Organise a litterless business lunch

If you’re ordering lunch for a business meeting, think about what the food will arrive in and whether there are catering options you could use that would reduce single-use waste. If there is a caterer who regularly supplies your organisation, you could ask them for their thoughts and help.

If your team’s keen, you could also set up regular bring-your-own litterless lunch days to help people understand how easy it is to pack lunch free from single-use waste. Encourage people to bring lunch without plastic wrap or other single-use waste.


Want to know more about our plants and sending greener corporate gifts? Talk to the Give & Grow team.

22 July 2019