Could indoor plants help your office fight winter’s nasties?

Could indoor plants help your office fight winter’s nasties?

Could indoor plants help your office fight winter’s nasties?

In the depths of winter, it’s hard to avoid coughs, colds and other bugs. The good news is that studies show that if your team works in an environment with plenty of plants, you’re likely to fare better in the winter wellness stakes than teams who don’t.  

Read on to unpack the research and find out why plants are some of the best items to surround yourself with in your office.


Plants are natural air purifiers

Indoor plants can have significant benefits for those working near them. Their porous leaves act as filters, absorbing gases and volatile organic compounds. Scientific American reports that plants positively impact our ability to heal, and also help to reduce stress and increase productivity.


Dealing with winter bugs

When it comes to staying healthy this winter, a study by researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney examined the benefits of potted plants in reducing indoor air pollution and aiding the wellbeing of those living or working in the same rooms. Their findings show that plants improve health across 12 main health symptoms including fatigue, headaches, sore throats, and coughs.

The Sydney study also found that those working in offices with plants show significantly fewer health and discomfort problems when they are ill, compared to those in offices without plants. This included 37% less coughing, 30% less fatigue, and a 23% reduction in symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes, sore nose or throat, ‘heavy-headedness’ or lowered concentration.


What plants work best?

Most leafy plants help to filter air and promote better air quality but there are some stand out stars. Peace lilies are a particularly good choice for anyone wanting to help improve the quality of the air around them with an indoor plant

If you’d like some leafy inspiration, take a look at our Give & Grow range.


Why give plants this winter?

Over this season of coughs and colds, giving a plant gift is a particularly thoughtful way to thank clients and colleagues. And if you’re looking for something to brighten up your own desk, a lush leafy plant could be the best idea you’ve had.

The benefits of giving a plant don’t stop at wellbeing. Plants are also stylish and sustainable – they’re an excellent eco-friendly corporate gift. You can read about what makes our Give & Grow plants a great, sustainable gift here


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12 August 2019