Frequently Asked Questions

We have recently launched this service and welcome any questions and feedback you may have - please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.  


FAQ for Gift Givers: 

Why the focus on indoor plants? 

With a significant increase in awareness around health & wellbeing, we wanted to encourage people to consider giving a "greener gift". Indoor plants help create cleaner, healthier air and are proven to improve our health & well being.


How are plants packaged to ensure they arrive safely?

Plants are delivered in a purpose-designed eco-friendly box to travel safely through the courier network to ensure gifts arrive in perfect condition. As this is a gift, we have designed the box to have an already gift-wrapped appearance, to help "wow" the recipient upon delivery. 


Where do you currently service - what areas of NZ?

Please refer areas for delivery. If you enter an address outside of this area, you will be alerted on the website. If you are really wanting to send a gift outside of this area, please contact us.

We are unable to deliver to PO Boxes and Private Bags.

For deliveries to apartments:

  • For Apartments requiring swipe card access, deliveries are likely to be left with the building manager.
  • If the courier is able to get into the building, he/she will call the receiver to come down and sign for the item.
  • If no access but the courier can leave a calling card in the mailbox (if the mailbox is outside the building), the courier will leave a calling card and bring the item back to the depot.
  • If no access and the mailbox is inside the building and the courier is unable to leave a calling card, the courier will bring the item back to the depot where it gets handed over to the problem freight team who will contact the receiver (if they have a phone number) or contact Give & Grow to arrange alternative delivery.


How long will it take for my gift to be delivered?

  • Between Monday and Thursday, orders for dispatch are cut off at 10am daily. We endeavour to deliver these orders within the next 3-4 business days (add 2-3 days for rural deliveries).
  • Please note that in peak times / seasons, delivery times may vary due to increased volume through the courier network.
  • To avoid orders sitting over the weekend with our courier, we will hold orders of plants on Friday until Monday before sending them. This is to minimize the time plants are with a courier and to help ensure our stock is of a sufficiently high quality when it arrives.
  • Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays will be processed on the following business day.


Can I track my order?

Yes. Once your order has been shipped we will send you a tracking number, and you can access the order status here -


I would love to gift a client an indoor plant but I am not sure if they are a plant person or not. How easy are they to keep? 

While everyone can benefit from indoor plants, we do realise that not everyone is a plant person (yet). Whether the gift recipient is a plant person or not, each gift comes with a growing guide and, should they need it, ongoing care, tips and support are available on demand through Kings’ Plant Doctor service - available in store Auckland-wide or online (nationwide) at


What kind of pot comes with the plant?

As indoor plants often take pride of place in a home or office, we believe they deserve to be dressed up. We offer the choice of a black or white ceramic pot.


12 and 15cm pot options - what does this mean?

This is the diameter of the inner pot which sits inside the ceramic pot selected. A bigger size generally depicts a larger plant size.


What colour plant will be sent if I send an assorted option?

Given we contract supply with our partner nursery, it is difficult just to know how many of any colour to pre-order. Therefore, it will come down to availability on the day and the grower’s discretion at the time of order where they will select the best looking plant for you on any given day. 


Can I send multiple plants to multiple recipients and locations in one transaction?

Yes you can - each with their own gift message. 


What does the gift card look like?

The gift message you type online will appear in the gift card as per the sample below: 

Give & Grow Gift Card


Why does my gift message not save if I go back and change my order or recipient?

If you go back to the start of the check out process, this currently resets the recipient detail information and you will need to reset these (select from address drop down) and re-enter the gift message/s.


Where are your plants sourced?

To ensure the supply of strong, robust and exceptional quality plants, we have partnered with one of NZ’s most experienced nurseries with a large team of professional horticulturalists who maintain the highest standards of plant growing and care.


What is your policy around guarantees and returns?

We have taken every measure to ensure gifts arrive in excellent condition and guarantee that they do, however from time to time we expect something may go wrong somewhere. If so, please contact us and we will rectify things for you.


Ordering bulk?

If you would like to order more than 10 items, please feel free to contact us and we can take this offline to streamline the process for you.


Can we co-brand the box?

Please contact us directly and we can explore the options.


Can I use my Kings loyalty points on this site and can they be earned through Give & Grow?

Unfortunately you cannot use your Kings membership and earn points through Give & Grow.


FAQ for Gift Recipients:


How do I unpack my gift?

It’s best to remove the plant from the box as soon as you receive it - while they will travel safely and be happy in the box for up to 5 days, plants do need light, air and water for optimal health.

Once you open the box:

  • You will see a gift card (if one was written by the giver) and a plant-specific growing guide. Remove these then slide the insert / tray out that holds the plant in place.
  • Undo the 4 side flaps on the insert, open the top of the insert and carefully remove your plant.
  • Each plant comes with a reusable draw-string bag - this helps keep the soil from spilling in transit if the box is tipped. Remove the plant from the drawstring bag and reuse this as you see fit (it may need a wash first).
  • Water your new plant and refer to the plant growing / care guide to help ensure your plant remains fresh and healthy.
  • Find a home for your new indoor plant out of direct sunlight in your home or office and enjoy the many benefits indoor plants have to offer!


How do I care for my plant?

Please refer to the growing guide that comes with your plant. If you have any further questions or feel you need some further assistance, the team at Kings Plant Barn are here to help ensure your gardening success - be that indoors or out:

  • Nationwide: please visit our online Plant Doctor service - there are resources available to help you online or you can submit a question directly to our team of Plant Doctors who will be more than happy to assist.
  • Auckland: please feel free to pop in to any of our Auckland stores and talk to one of our Plant Doctors in person - just look for the red shirt! They will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.


If you have any other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.